Review: Ikea High Chair (‘Antilop’)

We’ve had a few high chairs, mainly rather fancy ones with all sorts of cushioning, padding, adjustable bits and the like. I’m a bit a a sucker for adjustable bits, so you’d think that I’d be all for ’em in a kids high chair.


It may have been mentioned before that our kids are ‘enthusiastic’ eaters; the euphemism probably applies to lots of kids (or perhaps ours are strangely messy, but I’d wager on the former). All that padding, all those joints and adjustable bits, they just end up with random bits of food stuck in them, or squirrelled away into crannies that only a full disassembly will expose. Who does a full tear down of their high chairs every day?

Not being that OCD, but being generally a fan of cleanliness, I’d stay away from the complex and usually expensive high chairs.

These are better:


Ikea Antilop High Chair 

Ikea Antilop High Chair  Â


Ikea Antilop High Chair Table

Ikea Antilop High Chair Tray Table












Together they make up a useful, convenient high chair, that (out of the high chairs we’ve used) is the easiest to clean. It even has a seat belt. 

AU$19.99 for the chair. Five bucks more gets you the tray table too. It seems the chair only comes in red or blue now; white used to be the only option.

Get one of these instead of the expensive one you were looking at.
Sure, it’s Ikea, and it won’t win you points when all the other parents come around to visit, but on the other hand, your sanity will be intact, as you’ve not spent the past three hours cleaning the bloody thing!


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