Arc-AAA Torch / Flashlight

I have one of these:

Arc-AAA LED Torch / Flashlight

Arc-AAA LED Torch / Flashlight

It’s an Arc-AAA torch (flashlight, for those of the American persuasion). Specifically, it’s the Arc-AAA ‘Premium Edition’.

In short, it’s awesome.
Go, buy one.
No, I don’t get a kickback. 

If I know you, and you’re on my (very short) list of people who get birthday or Christmas presents, then there’s a good chance that I’ve given you one of these.
You’ve probably wondered a little at the time about my choice in gifts, but smiled and been gracious anyway. And then after using the torch a few times, had an ‘ah hah!’ moment, and my gift didn’t seem so strange after all.

There are three models of Arc-AAA:

I could wax lyrical about this piece of kit, but I won’t, because Dan Rutter at has already done so.

At length.


His reviews are very, very  good, so go and read them, although ignore any and all references to Arc being out of business (they were, but they rose from the dead, and I can confirm that I bought Arc-AAA’s off their website in late 2008):

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