1. A collection of reminders on how to do things, just in case there’s a need to be able to do them again.
    Figured they might be useful to us if they’re on the web, and perhaps others may find them useful too.
  2. A repository of reviews of things that we have used, mainly so people we know can be pointed to the review rather than regurgitate the same information over and over.
  3. A bunch of recommendations. Why it is that recommendations from some random part of the internet might hold some value is a tad difficult to understand…
  4. The odd rant about things that are annoying. Because.

Who are we?

Just a small bunch of random dudes, but that’s not really very important now, as long as the information is useful.

“Your recommendations are disagreeable to me and I wish to complain.”

You do realise that it’s possible to stop reading and never come back, right?



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