Review: Fun Pod Kitchen Helper


If you’re lazy like me and couldn’t be bothered slapping a few sheets of MDF together, or just using a stool, the Fun Pod is a great way of getting the kids involved in the kitchen. It is basically a little enclosed stand for your kids with an adjustable height platform to help them make a mess when Mum is making a choccy cake.

Being quite heavy and with wide feet on the bottom, the Fun Pod is very stable and will put up with a two year old doing his best gorilla on a flagpole impression. One thing to watch out for is to make sure the adjustable platform is inserted the right way up. If not, the locking ridge will not engage and your little bundle of joy may just push the platform out with their feet and bundle themselves down into a deep dark hole. Can be useful though, especially if the platform is re-inserted whilst said child is sitting at the bottom of the Pod. 

As said before, the more DIY Dad could knock one up pretty easy but this is well built and safe.

Retails for A$230, £120. . There are additional extras which can turn the pod into a butchers block and a high chair for some more multi-purpose action.

All in all, a nice bit of kit which, whilst taking up a bit of room in the kitchen, it can also be pretty satisfying to pretend it is a missile silo and is about to launch your kid into orbit after they spill the flour all over the place.

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