2013 Queensland School Handwriting Fonts – Free QBeginner, QBeginner Bold, and QCursive

In case anyone is looking for the Queensland fonts for their computer, the electronic versions of the fonts of QBeginner, QBeginner Bold, and QCursive are available for free download from Education Queensland. Unfortunately the dotted version of QBeginner doesn’t seem to be available at this time (7th of May 2013).
It’s a great resource for free that if you search around, you’d get the impression you need to pay for it. Hats off to EQ.
Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, if your computer explodes I take no responsibility, and my rates for ad-hoc technical support are an extremely reasonable $73,496 per hour, cash up front.
Links to downloads
The page for the fonts, and a whole lot of other writing resources, is:
The specific links from that page to each of the font downloads are below – I suggest taking note of where they download to for the later installation steps:
Installing the fonts on your computer
For Mac users:
  • Whilst the instructions on the EQ pages are maybe OK, they don’t inspire confidence in me.
  • I strongly suggest you ignore the EQ installation advice for Mac OS X.
  • Ignore warnings on that EQ page that the fonts don’t work in Microsoft Word on a Mac, I’ve tested it and they work fine in all applications if you install .
  • Have a look at these links (a YouTube video, and an official Apple help page) for better instructions on how to install on your Mac using the inbuilt application “Font Book”:
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AIR7_ch9No
      • Pretty easy – double click on any xxxx.ttf font file, and it’ll automatically install.
      • Ignore any “Font Validation” warnings that pop up upon adding the QBeginners fonts (they popped up for me), they’re minor issues with kerning, and if you know what kerning is, then you probably don’t need these instructions, as you’re a font nerd!
    • http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2509?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
      • Read all of the “Preview and install fonts” portion first, as you’ll want to change the preferences in Font Book to install fonts to all users of the computer by default.
      • Ignore any “Font Validation” warnings that pop up upon adding the QBeginners fonts.
For Windows users:
Other stuff
There’s also a bunch of other useful writing stuff on that EQ page, not least of which are the Handwriting and spelling activities that are linked as downloadable PDFs. These have full arrowed instructions on writing each letter, flash cards, etc. and look pretty good.
Thanks again to the Queensland Department of Education for the free Queensland handwriting fonts.
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