Print to PDF… (or no …) shortcut breaks on upgrade to macOS / OSX High Sierra

Really simple but annoying problem reared its head upon upgrade to macOS High Sierra – the oft-used keyboard shortcut to print to PDF broke. Hitting Command+P and then hitting Command+P again shortcuts through the Print menu straight to Print to PDF, which is really useful.

TL;DR – Apple changed the shortcut from “Print to PDF…” (in Sierra) to “Print to PDF” (in High Sierra). Note the lack of the ellipses (…)! You need to edit your custom shortcut in Settings.

…those aren’t three full stops (‘periods’ for our north american friends, sigh) they are Option+Semicolon, a single punctuation mark, that happens to look just like three full stops…

For reference, the full instructions for the shortcut are here:

Yep, from 2008.

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